I Love You Loving Me

A smile shared during everyday life Because you are there with me

zooni @ www.aipoem.com
January 30, 2010

That day I heard your voice
I had some special feeling
I thought “I will never forget you”
I remember that day
You are always on my mind

I only can think about you
One day in the future
I pray this love will be coming true
I will never change my mind
And it is you I will be loving forever

I don't care how far apart we may seem
I will make my dream come true
I will tell you everything you want to hear
To let you know I already know

I love you loving me
As the mothers love the daughters
Even when storms trouble you
I will be always by your side

I miss you missing me
I don't care how hard it is
I just want you to be happy
Everything I do
I do it only for you

--- zooni ---

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