The Day Kristina G Snow Left

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October 13, 2011

The day Kristina G Snow left,
it wasn't the same
she used to laugh
and play with her
brothers and sisters

On that fateful day,
she did not return
the heartless shadow
had left with her life
in his jar of hearts

On that fateful day,
She fought 'til I'm done
wouldn't give up love
when she lost her hope
we all did, too
the battlefield covered
in pain and sorrow

On that fateful day,
we all lost Hope
we lost our Feeling
when that heartless
being made the
final blow,
we knew she had lost.

That Fateful day,
she never came back
she was too far gone
in a better place
she will not see darkness

Later that fateful day,
the world was quiet
no sad
nor horrible
we soon saw that heartless
again, remembering...
a selfless angel lost
to a selfish demon

On that fateful day,
that demon payed
she suffered the same
fate as she did
because we avenged
her leaving

On that fateful day,
she left us.

--- realmercyy ---

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