My Dream, you have to see it, too believe it, My Dreams change, by the seasons, My Dreams have to wait I'm only a human Being, My Dreams, dissive me, mislead me, but i still keep, on dreaming.

easypoem @ www.aipoem.com
April 27, 2010

I know a place that's paradise
For "gamesters" of all sorts-
For young and old competitors,
For in-and-outdoor sports.
The tournaments get under way
Each Saturday at dawn-
With board games on the carpet
And baseball on the lawn.

There's poker played for bottle caps
And football just for kicks,
Plus every other kind of thrill
From jacks to pick-up-sticks.

This living room Las Vegas,
This backyard Astrodome
Is always where the action is
And best of all-it's Dreaming!

--- easypoem ---

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