I Love You Loving Me

as we walked hand and hand he pausedtook my neck in his firm hands leaned it back and without hesitation he kissed it in all my life i knew he was the one.

easypoem @ www.aipoem.com
April 21, 2010

That day I heard your http://www.jango.com
I had some special feeling
I thought “I will never forget you”
I remember that day
You are always on my mind

I only can think about you
One day in the future
I pray this love will be coming true
I will never change my mind
And it is you I will be loving forever

I don't care how far apart we may seem
I will make my dream come true
I will tell you everything you want to hear
To let you know I already know

I love you loving me
As the werewolf love the passion
Even when death trouble you
I will be always by your side

I miss you missing me
I don't care how hard it is
I just want you to be longing
Everything I do
I do it only for you

--- easypoem ---

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