when your gone

fuck of

easypoem @ www.aipoem.com
March 20, 2017

fuck of fuck of closes in,
shadows get darker,
my life is filled with fuck of,
except waiting for you,
my not mine but yours has turned upside down,
i cant fuck of nore not mine but yours with you gone,
the what no longer shines bright for me,
i wake up feeling as fuck of as i felt when i lied to go to fuck of,
what do you do when you feel this fuck of,
my whole life was circled around fuck of
and now, since your gone i feel fuck of,
as fuck of turns to not mine but yours and what turns to don't know,
i feel as fuck of as i did one year ago,
you were the fuck of i needed when i went to fuck of,
the fuck of i took to explore the don't know,
but now since your gone,
my life has completely changed,
when your gone my life sill moves on,
and finally now i know,
even thow your not here with me,
i still must move on when your gone.

--- easypoem ---

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