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1. What's AI poem?
AI( Artificial Intelligence) poem is an auto-poem maker. You can write funny poems and greetings with a few words.
2. What are the features of AIpoem?
It is easy: Just a few words, your own poem is completed; It is fast: It only waste you 30 seconds to write a wonderful poem; It is funny: All crazy poems you made will make you crazy; It is unique: AIpoem is the first poem maker in english. Easy, Fast, Funny and Unique! It is the best free gift for holidays and events.
3. How to write a poem?
Click "Write Easy Poem Now", you will find some holidays, events and hot words on the page. Now is Halloween's Day, so you can click it. If there is no words you want, please enter your word and click "go".
Some fields listed here.

"1. Someone e.g. Jack", yes, it is very easy, you can enter your friend's or anyone's name to the field. "2. Something e.g. food". You can write down "money". That's all! There are only 2 fields (may be more for other examples), don't miss the last field, you can write something about why you made the poem. Click "write poem", auto-poem maker will type out your poem word by word. Thus, a poem is complete. You can send your poem or write a new one. You can choose another style from left list to write another one.
4. How to send the poem to my friends?
After you wrote the poem, you can click "Send to friends" from the right side. Then enter your friends' email address and click "send", you can see a progress bar, and a message will tell you the result of sending email.
5. How to quick share my poem?
After you wrote the poem, you can copy and paste the poem to your MSN, Yahoo or Gtalk. You can click "publish poem" to submit your poem to our website. Everyone could write comments for your poem.
6. How to rate the poem?
You can rate each poem only once. To rate them, please click thumb up or thumb down button.
7. How to add a comment to the poem I saw?
You can add comments to the poem at the bottom of the page. You should enter your Name and comment.
8. What is the advantage of register member?
You can add poems with advanced auto-poem maker and publish poems to your own collection, you can add poemma and manage your poems.
9. How to register?
Click "Register" button and fill a few fields to free register it.
10. What is poemma?
Poemma is our Core part of auto-poem maker, you can create it by yourself, and others could write poems with your poemma.